Welcome to the NORCAL PFOA (Paintball Field Owners Association) website. The main goal of the PFOA is to improve and expand the sport of paintball in Northern California. The field owners have worked together to set up this Tournament Series with the aim of providing a fun, affordable, paintball competition for a variety of players.  The PFOA tournaments are a starter series that give beginning tournament players a friendly format to start in, as well as better preparing NORCAL Teams for moving up in divisions.  As teams move up into the higher divisions they have the opportunity to represent norcal in big tournament circuits.  NORCAL PFOA is a tournament series that supports the local paintball community by encouraging players to get involved with paintball teams, shop at local paintball stores, and engage in paintball forums to share knowledge and expertise. 

The PFOA is pleased to announce that we are a BYOP league! What that means is, you can Bring Your Own Paintballs to use in the events.  However, red fill paint, pink fill paint, and any other hard shell/staining paints are not allowed. 

PFOA is excited 2011 is bringing some changes to the PFOA format.  We will be returning to NPPL-modified rules on NPPL sized fields and NPPL bunkers, in the 2 flag format.  All markers will be in semi only mode, capped at 15 bps per the NPPL 2011 rules.

We will also be adding a D-4 division of play to the PFOA.  D-4 and D-5 teams will play together in preliminary games and then be sorted out by division for the semis and finals.  This will allow good D-5 teams to compare their skills level to NORCAL D-4 teams without changing their ranking.

We hope to see you and your team be a proud supporter of the NORCAL PFOA!